HR-7740 Inflatable Leg Rest Bed Wedge Pillow


Features :

  • Elevating foot ,Versatile design for perfect use while sleeping, lying or seating to support and relax back, hip and knee pain relief, foot and ankle injury and recovery.
  • Elevate legs can help to prevent blood stagnation and varicose veins, not only will reduce the pain from the lag, it will also keep your body in the optimal position for a quick recovery.
  • Extra-large size of the bed wedge makes you sleep better by keeping your shoulders from falling down from the wedge.
  • Velour-coated PVC for comfortable touch. Washable and easy-cleaning (wipe with damp cloth).
  • The inflatable nature makes it easy to deflate to be portable for traveling, office or home use, space-saving storage, easy and quick to inflate anytime needed. If deflated completely, the pillow can be folded down to 8.5 x 10 x 2 inches.
  • Advanced double-layered air valve for easy inflation and deflation. Inflation by only through the upper air valve, and deflation by simply releasing the lower layer valve – no worries of losing air while inflating the basin and no frustration for any difficult deflation. Easy inflation by mouth or pump.
  • To inflate, use mouth or consider pump for easy inflate. (Optional ObboMed PP-1030 Plastic Bellows Foot Pump).
  • Latex free

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The ObboMed HR-7740 Inflatable Leg Bed Wedge Pillow with velour surface helps users gain high-quality sleep in bed, velour-coated PVC for extra comfort. Elevating foot ,Versatile design for perfect use while sleeping, lying or seating to support and relax Back, hip and Knee Pain Relief, Foot and Ankle Injury and Recovery.


Content :

  • Inflatable Leg Rest * 1


Specification :

  • Inflated Dimensions : 60 x 53 x 23 cm
  • Deflated Dimensions : 59 x 6.5 x 5  cm
  • Material : Velour Coated PVC
  • Weight : 808g
  • Colour : Gray

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Weight 808 g


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