MA-6100BS Alternating Air Pad with Adjustable Pump


– 130 individual air bubble cells that inflate up to 2 inches in height for weight displacement

– 6-minute alternating inflation/deflation to prevent pressure ulcers and pressure sores

– Made of heave-gauge premium vinyl will hold up to 135 kg.

– Adjustable Air pressure Pump provides 8 LPM air flow and pressure over a 12 minute cycle time

– Easy-to-use control unit designed to be well concealed

– Pad is 78 x 34 inches standard industry size to fit most beds in clinical environment

– 1 year warranty for both pump and pad

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The ObboMed Alternating Air Pad with Adjustable Pump helps prevent pressure ulcers and bedsores comfortably and conveniently, perfect for those suffering from injuries, which makes it ideal for clinical or home use. With 130 alternating inflatable pads, it ensures comfort and prevention during those long-term bed stays.
Product Specifications
78 x 34 inches
pump unit 24.5 x 13 x 12 cm
mattress 205 x 89 x 12 cm
One (1) Year for pump and pad
Power Supply:
230V AC, 50 Hz
Cycle Time
12 mins
Item Weight:
3.7 kg
Weight of Pump Unit 1.5 kg
Weight of Mattress 2 kg