MC-1120W Absorbent Incontinence Bed Underlay, Washable


– 3 layers for maximum protection and comfort

– Waterproof, non-skid backing

– Machine washable and reusable for easy cleaning and repeated use

– The maximal absorbency of the pad is up to 0.5 liter while the maximal absorbency of the bed underlay is 1.2 litre.

– Latex-free and hypo-allergenic

– Ideal for being used on beds to avoid leaks.

– Recommended to be used with incontinent pants.

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The ObboMed Incontinence bed underlay absorbs moisture to keep your skin dry and comfortable day and night. Waterproof, non-skid backing keeps the pad in place and protects furniture, bedding, and wheelchairs from leaks. With highly absorbent fibres and a durable waterproof backing this washable pad can hold up to 0.5 liter of liquid and the bed underlay can hold 1.2 litre in maximum. The pads absorbing more than this amount of liter should be washed immediately to prevent leaking.
Product Specifications
Dimensions :
Pad: 18 x 20 inches (45 x 50 cm)
Bed underlay: 28 x 36 inches (70 x 90 cm)
Color :
Material :
Polyester + PVC
Item Weight :
Pad: 140 grams
Bed underlay: 380 grams