Sanitiser Sentinel | Automated Hand Disinfection Reminding Device with spoken and visual remining


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The Sanitiser Sentinel is designed to attract passing people to
the hand sanitiser or soap dispenser and encourage them to use it.

The Sanitiser Sentinel is a stand alone unit that
is easily placed above or close to a hand sanitiser or soap dispenser.

The Sentinel has a proximity (PIR infrared) sensor that will detect when a person
comes within range of the hand sanitiser or soap dispenser, a light will
flash and a recorded (selectable) voice message is played to remind the
person to wash or sanitise their hands. The unit can be used to ensure
that hand sanitisation and hand cleaning protocols are adhered to
in any scenario and environment, without the need for staff to be present.

This clever device has pre spoken messages installed “please sanitise your hands”
in 20 languages and 6 tones. You can also record your own message, music or tune
on an micro SD card (not included) and place the micro SD card into the integrated
SD card slot.

• Battery operated: uses alkaline C-cells (batteries not included)
• Volume adjustable
• Sound ON | OFF selectable
• Flashing LED lights ON | OFF selectable

Mounting can be by using screws or double adhesive 3M tape (included)

Size: W: 92mm  H:140mm  D:64mm