MC-4600N Beard Shaving Apron Bib


Features :

  • Save your time on cleaning the floor and sink.
  • Easy to set up in the mirror with the supplied suction cup hooks.
  • Attaches to the mirror to create a large safety net.
  • The apron catches all the fallen facial hair clippings.
  • Designed with a built-in pouch so you can easily stow away your apron when it is not in use.

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The ObboMed MC-4600N Beard Shaving Apron Bib neatly collects all your beard, mustache and hair trimmings and you need have to do is to throw away the collected hair into the trash can. Saving you time and energy on cleaning your floor and sink. It is easy to assemble and it is convenient to use.


Specifications :

  • Dimensions : 87 x 88 cm
  • Built-In Pouch Dimensions : 31 x 28 cm
  • Material : Polyester
  • Weight : 150 g
  • Colour : White

Contents :

  • Beard Shaving Apron Bib * 1


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