MB-1830S Upper Arm Support Brace, Elbow Sleeve with Magnets.


– Breathable neoprene/nylon blend provides ultimate support to stiff and sore muscles and joints. Commonly used for Golfers Elbow, Tennis Elbow, Arthritis, Tendonitis, Bursitis, Osteoporosis, etc…

– Embedded 8 magnets which help promote blood circulation

– 2 Separate Velcro liners, self-wearing easily, size adjustable, versatile uses for both upper arm and elbow

– Supports your upper arm muscles while still allowing the muscles to move, work, and strengthen

– Prevents or treat injuries to arms

– Keeps your muscles and joints warm all day and allows you to retain your range of motion

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The ObboMed MB-1830S Upper Arm Support Brace is designed to help prevent muscle tearing & strain while working out and for relieving arm muscle pain. Containing 8 embedded magnets that help to promote circulation and reduce pain. Available in Small, Medium and Large. Excellent forearm sleeve for Crossfit, weightlifters, basketball, badminton, squash and racquetball players. It can also be used for construction workers who engage in repetitive arm motions.

Dimensions : S: fits 30.5 – 38.0 cm arm/ 12 – 15 inches arm


Color : Black
Material : Neoprene foam, nylon, magnets
Latex : No


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